Can Women Get Hair Transplants?

can women get hair transplants

Although the vast majority of hair transplants are performed on men, women can get hair transplants, too! At Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, we make an effort to shed a light on the subject and get rid of the stigma that hair transplants are a procedure for men only. In this article, we will answer some of the most common questions about female hair transplants, and provide you with the facts!

Statistics For Women’s Hair Transplants

It is true that hair loss is more common in men, but hair loss is a condition that affects both men and women. The statistics show that surgeons treat more men on average than women with respect to treating hair loss with both surgical procedures (hair transplants) and non-surgical procedures. According to the 2017 ISHRS practice consensus, on average, 85.7% of surgical hair loss procedures were performed on men, while 14.3% were performed on women. That being said, the statistics also show a big difference in non-surgical hair restoration treatments with 61% for men with non-surgical hair restoration procedures and 38% for women.

women's hair transplant statistics

Who is a good candidate for female hair transplants?

In general, females that have male-pattern baldness on the front and sides, but still have good donor density in the back, are good candidates for a hair transplant. On the contrary, females that have female-patterned hair loss with overall thinning are typically not good candidates.

When is Hair Transplant recommended for women?

A hair transplant is recommended for a female patient if they are a good candidate (male-pattern baldness with good donor hair) and their hair loss has begun to affect their life. Here are a few examples of women who were good candidates:

Before And After Female Hair Transplant Examples

Female hair transplant before and after

Before and After Female Hair Transplant

How successful are hair transplants in women?

Hair transplants for women are very successful when the candidate is selected properly. As Dr. Mohebi explains in the video, a microscopic evaluation should first be conducted to determine the type of hair loss they are experiencing. If the patient is determined to fit the criteria of a good candidate, then they will most likely have a successful hair transplant result.

Female Hair Transplant Testimonial

Meet our patient, Nazie. After suffering from an accident, she had lost of her hair and was unsure if she’d ever get it back. As you can see from the video, Dr. Mohebi was able to restore her hair and she looks amazing now! When asked about her feeling on women’s hair transplants, she said, “Hair loss in women is not discussed as much as men but it is a real issue. I don’t see why anyone would live with hair loss.” We couldn’t agree with her more! Women’s hair loss is a very common issue that is treatable. Nazie is an inspiration to women everywhere that want to get a hair transplant but are scared to face the stigma that comes with it. She shows that getting women getting hair transplants is just as acceptable as a man getting them.

Are you ready to take the first step to regain your self-confidence, like our patient, Nazie? Schedule a consultation today!