Female hair loss, miniaturization and hair transplant



Hi Dr Mohebi,

Thank you for your detailed report on my hair loss. I have a few questions and comments that I forgot to ask at the time of my visit.  According to your report, I have 20% miniaturization almost all over my scalp so does this mean, I will completely lose all the hair on my scalp? I would like to get some hair extensions to give more density to my hair, is this a good idea? The hair extensions will not be with glue or any chemical it will be non-damaging to the existing hair (have an appointment for next week.)  Finally, am I possibly a candidate for hair transplant considering my diffused hair loss? I would appreciate your views and comments.



Many women with early stages of hair loss may note some thinning of scalp hair diffusely.  Interpreting a microscopic hair evaluation, up to 20% hair miniaturization could be normal or borderline and more than that might be considered a sign of active hair loss.  In your case, you might be experiencing early signs of mild female patterned hair loss.  That does not necessarily mean that you will go bald on the top completely and more follow up studies are necessary to predict your future hair loss or gain. The key is to monitor any progression closely.

We also ordered some lab works for you that are important in women with early hair loss.  We are trying to rule out other medical causes of hair loss.  If we find a positive finding in your lab works, it could be treated and with it your hair loss might be cured.  You can get a hair extension as long as it does not put too much strain on you existing hair in the form of constant pull.

I did not recommend a hair transplant for you at this time.  However, we will address this option in your follow up visits, based on your progress of hair loss and other evaluations. I have developed a 5 Step Protocol for Women’s Hair Loss, to help educate them and the hair restoration professionals.


Have a really great day,