Four Facts You Should Know before a Hair Transplant

Patients that having thing hair, or are balding on the scalp, often turn to a hair transplant to address their hair loss. While hair transplant surgery is performed all over the country, most often as Follicular Unit Extraction/Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), a good number of patients travel to our section of the country to undergo a Los Angeles hair transplant. These patients recognize the superior FUE and FUT hair transplant results that are available in Los Angeles. Plus, they often travel here because they want to gain the same look they see on celebrities in our neighboring areas of Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Before you make the final decision to undergo hair restoration, here are four facts you should know before having a hair transplant.

Four Facts to Know before a Hair Transplant

  1. See the four facts you should know before a hair transplantRealistic Expectations are Important – While a hair transplant can address the balding areas on the scalp, it is not a “miracle cure” that will restore the hairline to the exact same look it had in the past. Unfortunately, there are limits to the changes that can be made and the final results greatly depend on the amount of available donor hair as well as the quality of the hair grafts. The surgeon that you choose to perform your procedure will perform a thorough examination of your scalp to determine the cause of the hair loss as well as the best hair restoration technique for your individual needs. If you don’t have enough donor hair on the back or sides of your scalp, the surgeon will often utilize hair from other areas of the body, such as the beard, and transplant that body hair to the scalp. Realistic expectations are important so you are not disappointed by the final results.
  2. The Number of Hair Transplant Surgeries that will be performed – In general, you should be able to have only one hair transplant surgery, performed in a single day, to achieve the desired results. There are times when the surgery will be so extensive that the process will be spread out over two days. This is known as a megasession and, if you need this longer time to get the final results discussed with the doctor during the consultation appointment, you will be notified of this fact in advance so you can plan ahead for the two day session. There might also be a need for an additional surgery in the future because the other areas of hair on the scalp can suffer from thinning or balding. An additional hair transplant surgery might be needed at some point to address any additional balding on the scalp.
  3. Returning to Work after Surgery – The amount of downtime that is necessary after the surgery can depend on a number of factors. The first element that impacts returning to work after a hair transplant is the type of work that you perform. While most people are able to return to work anywhere from five to seven days after their procedure, they might want to wait a little bit longer if they have to do heavy lifting at their job. In addition, some people are worried about others being able to tell they had their hair shaved for a hair transplant so their return to work might depend on whether or not they can wear a hat at their job.
  4. The Person Performing the Hair Transplant – A very common concern among patients is learning who will be the actual person performing the hair transplant. When you visit the Los Angeles hair restoration surgical center of Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, Dr. Mohebi will be the experienced, board-certified surgeon that performs your hair transplant surgery. Dr. Mohebi has years of experience in providing patients with permanent results that are also natural in appearance. This is not always the case with some surgeons and you should make sure that the doctor that you choose for your procedure is actually the person that handles the surgery. A board-certified doctor has years of training and experience and is able to handle any situation that might arise in the operating room.

Los Angeles Hair Transplant Results that Enhance Your Life

The loss of hair can have a psychological impact on the self-image of a person and also lead to a lack of confidence. A Los Angeles hair transplant procedure does more than restore the hair located on your scalp. It also helps you to gain the look you have always hoped to see when you look in the mirror. The first step in gaining the look you want for your hair is to contact our office today to schedule your consultation appointment. Dr. Mohebi will be glad to answer any and all questions you have about the hair restoration process in order to make sure you know the positive changes that can be made to both your scalp and your self-image when you trust our team to perform your hair transplant.