Exercise After Hair Restoration Surgery


Hello there, Dr. Mohebi!

It has been about three weeks since my second Los Angeles hair transplant. As of this moment, when I bend my neck, I can feel a good amount of tightness and tension on the back of my head (my donor area). Can you tell me if this tightness will ever go away? Will it go back to the way it was before my operation? I really want to be back in the gym doing my jump ropes and working on my abs but I can’t imagine that happening with this tight feeling


Thanks for the question!

I would say to give it about three weeks before you begin to perform gentle physical activities such as jogging, brisk walking, bike riding or push-ups. It is very important that you don’t stretch that donor area by looking down. If you avoid looking down on a regular basis, you should be OK.

Activities to stay away from for a period of four to six weeks after a hair transplant include wrestling, flag football, basketball, boxing, exercises that target the abs and surfing or boogie boarding. Make sure there isn’t much continuous strain on the donor area as it is sensitive and requires protection and little to no contact in order to heal properly.

Please remember that activities that can increase the tension between the edges of the healing wound in the donor area, such as lifting barbells or weights and other exercises involving an intense bending of the neck are to be avoided while you are first recovering. You should wait at least six months for these exercise choices in order to prevent any reopening of the wound or any stretching or widening of the donor scar.

– MA