Dr. Parsa Mohebi Reviews Regenix

Which hair loss product should I use?

The question above is a common one that I hear from my patients. They want to know about different hair loss products and shampoos. They also want to know the effect the product can have on their hair growth and hair loss.

Most of the time, I have been skeptical about the majority of available products in the marketplace as they usually lack active ingredients that are needed for the growth of hair. This was true until I met several patients who had been using the hair loss product, Regenix, for several years. They reported great results in maintaining a head full of healthy hair. Before starting the use of Regenix, many of these people had tried other hair loss products with no luck.

In the beginning, I was doubtful because I did not see any scientific studies comparing this product to other FDA-approved hair loss medications. I have asked many of these individuals about the condition of their hair before starting Regenix and what their response to Regenix was after using the product. It was not difficult for me to see that most of these individuals found Regenix very effective for their hair loss prevention plans. In fact, they have been amazed by the service they received at the Regenix centers.

Regenix Products Combined with Hair Restoration

Regenix Shampoo

It was not long after I started investigating Regenix products that I decided to use them with my own patients. One of the shampoos that they sell is very gentle to the scalp and does not consist of ingredients that you see in most over the counter shampoos (which may harm the hair). The shampoo is fortified with a few herbal ingredients known to help inflammatory conditions of the scalp.

I found that the combination of the ingredients in the shampoo was suitable for the hair wash procedure performed on our patients after having their hair transplant procedure. This is why we added the shampoo to the post-op kit that we give our patients to take home. We believe that the shampoo could help minimize the inflammation of the scalp after having a hair restoration procedure in comparison with the products we have used in the past. After handing out the shampoo to our patients, we have received a lot of positive feedback about it.

Exploring Regenix Lab

I was invited to visit one of the hair loss treatment centers of Regenix in Los Angeles. This visit introduced me to their very sophisticated methods of hair evaluation that involves both macro and microscopic examination of the scalp and hair follicles. The examination was complemented by the evaluation of pulled hair under the microscope.

The sediments and scales around the hair were used to evaluate the environmental effects on the scalp and hair of patients. The hair loss product recipe was then prepared in the facility based on the microscopic findings from each individual. They offer periodic treatments in their centers to evaluate the progress of hair loss as well as the individual response to the treatments.

Patients ask me about the mechanism that makes Regenix work. I may not have a scientific answer for this question but I have seen a lot of happy patients that use this product and they are happy to testify to the effectiveness of this hair loss product.

– MA