Dr. Mohebi’s Office Goes Green

My staff and I understand the importance of making a positive impact on the earth, and that is why our office has decided to “Go Green”. We did some research on going green, and found that plants offer many benefits to an office environment. Plants are natural air purifiers, removing impurities such as dust and chemicals from the air. This has been known to cut down on sick days in the office. Plants also decrease noise levels by the use of absorption and deflection. By creating a calmer, quieter environment, concentration levels and productivity will be increased. Lastly, plants are esthetically pleasing to the eye and are needed in windowless areas of the office.

It has been proven that plants add comfort and motivation to employees in the work place. By placing plants in windowless areas, overall moral is increased. We believe that by adding plants to our office, we will increase our productivity and decrease stress, noise, and sick levels. Going green has helped our office become more environmentally friendly, as well as helped to make our patients feel more comfortable during their visit.