Dr. Mohebi Featured on US Armenia’s “Glendale Life”

Behind the scenes look at Glendale Life
Our mystery celeb preps for hair transplant surgery.

We’re ready for our close-up!

At Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, we know all about how important it is to look your best, especially when the cameras are rolling—so we made sure to doll ourselves up for US Armenia’s hit show, Glendale Life, which filmed scenes for an upcoming storyline at our Encino office.

That’s right—one of the stars of Glendale Life will be putting his (or her!) hairline in Dr. Mohebi’s experienced hands. (Sorry—we aren’t allowed to reveal who just yet!)

Are you curious to know who will be going under the knife? Well, we’ve got some good news for you: you don’t have to wait long to find out! The new episode airs tomorrow, November 18, at 10:30 pm (PST) on US Armenia, and will feature a consultation with Dr. Mohebi. We will also be featured in the following episode—and that time, we’ll be televising an actual hair restoration procedure! (We know that we definitely can’t wait!) Don’t worry–we’ll spare you all the gory details! However, viewers will get an intimate and unprecedented look behind the scenes at hair transplantation, and will learn the ins and outs of the surgical process.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see Dr. Mohebi and his awesome staff helping the hairlines of Glendale’s newest reality stars!

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