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When it comes to the subject of hair restoration, Los Angeles is a hotspot of activity as patients from all over the country travel to California to undergo a Los Angeles hair transplant procedure. Patients choose Los Angeles for their treatment because of the image of wealth, youth and beauty the city has built in the minds of people across the country. Dr. Mohebi, with hair transplant centers in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, is one of the most well-respected and highly sought-after hair restoration specialists thanks to his skills, knowledge and years of providing natural, long-lasting results. Dr. Mohebi recently shared the secrets of Follicular Unit Extraction/Excision (FUE) with Cosmetic Town, an online cosmetic surgery news and information website that shares medical knowledge and the latest information about cosmetic surgery. Take a look below to check out Dr. Mohebi on Cosmetic Town and then keep reading to learn even more about FUE:

FUE Surgery Explained

Before the actual FUE hair transplant surgery is scheduled to be performed, the patient will need to undergo a hair restoration consultation appointment with a doctor that is board-certified and experienced in performing hair transplants. During the consultation appointment, the scalp of the patient will be examined so the surgeon can determine the cause of the hair loss as well as the best medical option to address the issue. The doctor and the patient will also discuss the desired final results the patient wants to see after the hair restoration procedure is performed.

Dr. Mohebi discusses FUE hair transplants on online series

The ideal candidate for a Los Angeles FUE procedure is a person that has a good amount of high quality donor hair on the scalp or somewhere else on the body. The ideal candidate has an area of thinning hair, or a bald patch, on the scalp and wants to have a hair transplant to restore the hairline to a healthy and youthful appearance. It is also vital that the person have realistic expectations about the appearance of the final results so he, or she, will not be surprised or disappointed with the look of their hairline after the surgery.

Follicular Unit Extraction/Excision (FUE) is a hair transplant method that involves the surgeon individually harvesting hair grafts from the donor area of the body (which is typically the back and sides of the scalp). If there is not enough donor hair available in this area, the surgeon can use hair from other areas of the body such as the beard. Since the hair grafts are removed individually, there will not be a linear scar on the scalp after their removal as seen in Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT).

The tool that is used during the FUE procedure, to punch through the skin in the area where the hair grafts are being removed, can be a motorized punch or a manually operated punch. After the hair grafts are removed from the designated area on the body, they are placed in premade incisions on the scalp.

FUE Hair Transplant Recovery and Results

Once the FUE surgery is completed, the patient can expect to experience some swelling, bruising and redness for about seven days after the FUE hair transplant procedure.

Around two to three months after the surgery, patients will begin to see some hair growth that can best be described as thin and fine. The hair continues to grow and it will become longer and thicker in the range of four to six months after the procedure. In general, it takes anywhere from 12-18 months for the final results to become visible after FUE surgery.

The hair that is transplanted into the scalp, from the donor area, is resistant to balding so patients do not have to worry about hair loss in the area treated by the Los Angeles hair restoration surgery. Patients should be aware of the fact that balding can occur in other areas of the scalp so an additional FUE hair transplant surgery might be necessary at some point in the future.

FUE Cost Varies per Patient

The cost of FUE hair transplant surgery varies per patient as the final results they are trying to achieve depends on the individual needs of their scalp. The final cost of an FUE surgery depends on multiple factors such as:

  • The number of grafts needed to achieved the desired final look on the scalp
  • The fee that the surgeon charges per graft
  • Any additional fees charged by the facility or the surgeon

In general, the cost of FUE hair transplant surgery can run anywhere from $9000-$16,000.

Los Angeles FUE Hair Transplant at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration

Once you make the decision to undergo a Los Angeles FUE hair transplant, contact the experienced team at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration. Beside our Los Angeles surgical center, we also see patients at out Beverly Hills and San Francisco locations. Our experienced team of surgeons will take the time to answer all of your questions regarding hair restoration and share all of your medical options during your consultation appointment.

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