Dr. Mohebi Named to “Best Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeons” List for 2021

Last week ended with a nice surprise for Dr. Mohebi as Cosmetic Town named him to its “Best Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeons” list in 2021. Cosmetic Town, an online plastic surgery news and information community, recently published its list of the best doctors that are currently performing Los Angeles hair transplant surgeries.

Dr. Mohebi Makes the Best Hair Restoration Surgeon List

Dr. Parsa Mohebi Best Hair Transplant Surgeon Los AngelesWhen asked about being chosen as one of the best doctors performing Los Angeles hair restoration, Dr. Mohebi said “While it is nice to be recognized as one of the best hair restoration surgeons in Los Angeles, I am happy to be on the list for the reasons used to determine the doctors chosen for 2021.”

Dr. Mohebi added, “The surgeons on the list were picked for their skills and level of patient satisfaction. Plus, they were chosen for their ongoing patient education efforts and peer sharing efforts with other doctors. I consider educating patients to be one of the most important parts of my job as an educated patient is a person that is well-informed and able to make a decision about having a hair transplant armed with the necessary knowledge and details about the procedure. I also enjoy sharing medical knowledge with my peers in this medical field. The exchange of the latest information about hair restoration techniques leads to a growth in knowledge and skills on the part of both parties.”

According to the Cosmetic Town website, these items were also used to pick the doctors on the list:

  • Consumer research was conducted that was focused on the field of cosmetic surgery as well as any, and all, relevant medical training on the part of the doctor. Each doctor needed to have current board-certification and experience performing hair restoration for a number of years.
  • Each doctor needed to conduct ongoing research in the field of hair restoration along with regular peer sharing efforts. Example of peer sharing includes the writing and publication of medical articles for medical journals that showcased expertise and knowledge relevant to the field of hair restoration.
  • Patient education efforts were also an important factor in the determination of the doctors that made the list. From blogs to educational videos and online Q&A sessions, the doctors needed to show that providing their patients with the information necessary to make an informed decision was an ongoing concern for their practice.

Best Los Angeles Hair Restoration Procedures

When it comes to providing the results desired by patients, Los Angeles hair transplant surgeons have a few options available to them:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) – This hair transplant technique is when the surgeon individually harvests hair grafts from other areas of the body of the patient. The hair grafts are usually taken form the donor area of the scalp (the back and sides) because the hair in this area is resistant to balding. If there is not enough high-quality donor hair on the back or side of the scalp, the hair grafts can be taken from the beard or the chest of the patient. The surgeon will individually remove the hair grafts from the donor area and then place them into incisions that have been premade on the scalp. As the implanted hairs continue to grow, they will provide the patient with a natural looking hairline.
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) – An FUT hair transplant is when the surgeon transplant follicular units, in their natural grouping, into the balding section of the scalp of the patient. One of the main reasons some patients do not choose this procedure is because it leaves a linear scar on the scalp of the patient. The procedure starts with the surgeon trimming a narrow strip of hair along with cutting a strip of the scalp from the back of the head (after the hair is trimmed). The hair follicles that are located in the scalp strip are then dissected in their natural grouping so they can be implanted into incisions that have been premade in the balding portion of the scalp.

Dr. Mohebi and the Best Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeons

Dr. Mohebi also took a moment to discuss being part of the best surgeons list with so many other experienced doctors. “I think the names of the doctors, as well as the amount of surgeons on the 2021 list, speaks to the quality of hair restoration services and results that are available in the Los Angeles area. We are lucky to be part of a thriving medical community in Los Angeles that shares information and insights with each other on a regular basis. Los Angeles is often thought of as a “City of Stars” thanks to its proximity to cities like Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Patients from all over the country want to come to Los Angeles to gain the hairline they see on their favorite celebrities. I am happy to be able to give patients the hairline they have always dreamed about having on their scalp. I thank Cosmetic Town for recognizing my efforts to provide the public with superior results.”

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