Does Shaving Head Help with Hair Growth?


Hope you had a great weekend, Just a quick question.

After how long usually I would see the result of prescription medication? Will it grow like baby thin hair and it thickens over time or should I like shave my head to help it? J just wondering‚


Be patient,

It is unlikely that you grow new hair from the areas that you lost hair follicles. The medication can help increase the thickness of your miniaturized hairs that normally do not give you any significant cosmetic effects. You should not see the effect of medication before 3-6 months from the time you started it.

Remember, the purpose of medical treatment is not to grow your hair back as it was when you were 17. The goal of medical hair restoration treatment with prescription medication would be to stop or at minimum slow down the progression of hair loss. Shaving your head should not change the progress of hair loss or gain either. When you manipulate your hair whatever you do, you are dealing with external part of the hair, which is not alive. The follicle does not sense what is going on outside at hair shaft level. To restore it more permanently in front and top of your scalp, you would need a hair transplant.

Dr. Mohebi