Do the Effects of Propecia Level Off After Three Years?


Good day Dr. Mohebi,

I hope everything is fine with you. I have a question about Propecia.  I have been taking it for few years now. I remember you mentioning in the past that Propecia effects level off after 3 years.

If this is the case, should I continue taking it ?

I look forward to your answer.



It is good to hear from you.

The effects don’t level off but, it’s important to note, you won’t continue seeing the initial effects that had been noticeable due to the initial enlargement of some of the miniaturized hairs. You have been making DHT all along but at a lower level as time passes.

At this point, it is still slowing down your hair loss. If you stop taking it, you will see a more aggressive loss of your native hair that is prone to balding.