Could the Cure for Baldness be Found in McDonald’s French Fries?

In recent headlines, the topic of curing baldness with McDonald’s French fries has been capturing the attention of many. This news is exciting, considering the french fries are cheap, easily accessible, and let’s not forget, delicious! However, we would like to clear up any misconceptions and provide our readers with the truth.

Here are the facts:

Cure for hair loss in McDonald's French fries?According to a study published in Biomaterials by a research team from Yokohama National University in Japan, a chemical used while making McDonald’s French fries called dimethylpolysiloxane may be what promotes hair growth. The chemical is added to the french fries so that there is no splattering while cooking.

There is hope that this may be applied to humans as well. Use of dimethylpolysiloxane to produce about 5000 “hair follicle germs” (HFGs) that were then transplanted to mice successfully resulted in hair growth.

According to the study, the dimethylpolysiloxane “worked very well” as a means for the culture vessel and production of HFGs. Those were then “transferred from a fabricated approximately 300-microwell array, called ‘HFG chip,’ to generate hair follicles and hairs on the mouse body” according to the research. The hair that grew on the mice, as a result,“ exhibited typical hair cycle.”

More investigation and research must be done in order to confirm effectiveness on humans.

According to the conductors of the study at Yokohama National University, production of hair follicle germs, which are the origin of hair growth and viability, in greater quantities has been a great challenge to overcome. So, this is a significant step in restoration therapy.


Eating McDonalds fries will not help with hair loss! However, there is promise in one of the ingredients to help regrow hair (again, not from eating them!). Until we have more answers regarding effects of dimethylpolysiloxane on humans, please do not over-indulge in McDonald’s French fries with the hope of regrowing your hair!