Covering Newly Transplanted Hair After Hair Restoration


Dr. Mohebi, I have already made an appointment for hair transplant surgery on Wed April 20th per your recommendations and paid the deposit. If you don’t mind I have a quick question.

Do you think it’s realistic for me to see patients on Monday following my procedure? I have clinic that day and OR the next (will need to wear surgical cap), is this okay in the week following?


Because we will be transplanting a large number of hairs in the frontal area of your scalp, we expect significant swelling until day 4-5 after surgery.  Occasionally patients may experience swelling until day 6-7, but your surgical cap use is okay and should easily cover it.

In addition, some patients occassionally get swelling and bruising around their eyes (which may be difficult to cover). Probability of bruising/swelling around the eyes is minimal but its possibility should still be notated.