Conspicuous Comb Over Solution with High Density Hair Transplants


Thank you for your reply to my previous e-mail Dr. Mohebi. I’m getting close to being ready for this, but I still have some concerns that I would like to address prior to booking.

I realize I won’t come out of this looking like Brad Pitt, but can I expect some decent density in the area you’re going to operate on? I’ve seen a lot of pictures of “great” results that were little more than thin whiffs of hair lying limp over shiny, conspicuous scalp. I’d like to be able to style it in the youthful way, showing off my hair line. I suppose that depends on the number of grafts?


The number of transplanted grafts and extent of your balding area are two very important factors in the final thickness of your hair. However, because you have fine hair, even with using the maximum density, you may not achieve the original fullness that you once had. Some patients with the same circumstances as yourself may need more than one surgery to develop maximum density close to that of their original coverage prior to losing hair.