Concerns Regarding Shock Loss After Hair Transplant

shock loss after hair transplant

Shock Loss after Hair Transplant Surgery


Dr. Mohebi, I am considering an additional hair transplant surgery. With my previous surgery elsewhere, I experienced a good deal of shock loss. This makes me a bit skeptical but I know I need an additional surgery to maintain the image I have now.

Why is shock loss such a problem?


Shock loss, is the accelerated hair loss following any stressful event. That stress may be due to emotional or physical trauma. Hair Transplant procedure is not an exception.

Shock loss after a hair transplant surgery was not uncommon in the past. However, today with proper medical treatment, shock loss can be significantly reduced or even eliminated. Using prescription medication around the time of hair transplant can inhibit or minimize the risk of shock loss. That is why this treatment is being used by most hair transplant surgeons.

At Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration centers, most of our patients start a regimen of a prescribed medication several days before their hair transplant surgery and continue the intake six to eight months after their procedure to help with the shock loss. The combination of medication and surgical hair restoration provides our patients with natural, permanent and proven results.