Coming Soon: “Hair Now” Newest App to Virtually Transplant Your Hair

The newest addition to my inventions is the app – Hair Now -. My patients who have consultations are always anxious to see what they will look like after having a hair restoration and they have given requests for software that can give them an idea of how they will look after having had a hair transplant. My intentions for this app are to provide patients with realistic expectations when anticipating hair restoration. This app will give my patients a better understanding of what can be achieved through hair restoration procedures.

The app is made to be very simple. The first step is to take a picture or upload a picture of yourself through your mobile device. After uploading the picture, there are options to search through a photo gallery of former hair loss patients, who received a hair transplant with me. There is a wide range of pictures, including: color, quality, thickness, and pattern of hair loss. Once you find the perfect match, the app will apply the hair you chose to your own picture. You will also have the opportunity to customize it further until desired results are met. With this app you can share your look directly with me through email or with friends and family through Facebook or other social media.

Although the app is designed to give the most realistic representation of how a patient would look after hair restoration, results are not guaranteed as there are many factors that influence the outcome. For more information please call our offices at (888) 302 – 8747.