Celebrity Hair Transplant – Why not Jerry?

Many times patients ask us if we did a certain celebrity’s hair transplant.  Of course the answer is always: “we could not tell you even if we did”.  We are pleased at our distinguished list of celebrities and executives who have advanced their self image with hair restoration and hair transplant surgery through our Beverly Hills and Los Angeles hair transplant centers.

However, for some celebrities we can say for sure we did not perform a hair transplant.  One of them is Jerry Seinfeld.  I am personally a big fan of Jerry. Enjoy his stand up and still laugh at his syndicated series on cable. Recently, I could not help but notice the change in his hairline in a posting for his Vegas stand up show and in other PR images.

I guess noticing significantly receded hair lines comes with the profession. I asked myself, why a celebrity like Jerry Seinfeld has not taken advantage of the permanent natural look that modern medical hair transplants provide.

Today’s hair transplants are done seamlessly. They are virtually undetectable to most people including their personal stylists.  People who are known for their great hair are especially benefiting from taking action through early hair restoration intervention eliminating the gradual change that concerns many people.

Psychological studies clearly demonstrate that most people feel better having a good head of hair. Today’s hair restoration advancements means a natural, proven and permanent solution is an option in which many people can benefit.

At Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, we are proud that we have helped many celebrities with their receding hairline or overall thinning of hair. They now can continue to take advantage of their youthful hairline in their lives and carriers. What makes celebrities special is that a hair loss that might be considered normal variation as of maturation of hairline for others can be a life changer for their careers.  We have done full hair restoration surgeries for celebrities or used an innovative approach that allows them to continue working with little interruption in their lives while restoring their hairline gradually.  We call this novel technique: “Celebrity FUE Transplant”.