Celebrity FUE Transplant Procedure

Celebrity FUE Transplant offered at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is a type of FUE transplant in which we remove hair units individually without the need to shave the entire back of head and transplant them one at a time. This outpatient procedure that takes not more than 3-4 hours allow the person to maintain his/her hair look with no obvious sign of surgery. The process is more gradual because we limit the number of grafts to four to five hundred at a time. That is exactly what most celebrities prefer and choose. They enjoy the benefit of a gradual transformation with minimal interruption to their eventful lives.

What Non-Shaved FUE Procedure Can Offer?

  1. No down time
  2. No shaving
  3. Minimal pain and discomfort

Of course this new approach is not limited to celebrities only. It is for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefit of a healthy head of hair with minimal downtime. Whether you opt for a single procedure or our unique Celebrity FUE Hair Transplant we are certain you will like the new you after our hair restoration procedures.