Celebrity FUE Transplant is Gaining Popularity

The Celebrity FUE Hair Transplant is a hair restoration procedure that doesn’t require any shaving, which perfectly fits the life style of celebrities. That is the reason why we decided to name this procedure Celebrity FUE Hair Transplant, however just because the name includes celebrity, it does not need to be limited to celebrities.

Since the introduction of the Celebrity FUE Hair Transplant back in 2012, we have done many of them which led us to have a better understanding of the more efficient ways of doing a FUE hair transplant in the last few years.

The combination of the above two has improved the quality and quantities of FUE grafts that could be transplanted in one session from 500 grafts to over 1500 now.

I am glad to announce that FUE patients who are interested in the Celebrity or non-shaved FUE hair transplant can now receive twice as much grafts as before while they still keep the option of having longer hair.