Cataracts and Medical Malpractice

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There are many people who find as they grow older, they begin to have difficulties with their eyesight. Often, the issue is cataracts. A cataract is the forming of cloudiness of the lenses in their eyes. Normally, the eye lens is clear, but when a cataract develops, it is like looking at everything through a window that has fogged up. When a person’s vision is clouded because of cataracts can have difficulty with reading, driving a vehicle, working on a computer, and so much more.

Treatment for cataracts has become fairly routine. A doctor surgically removes the old lens and replaces it with an artificial lens, allowing the patient to see clearly again. The majority of cataract surgeries are done with no issues at all. It is rare for complications to develop after cataract surgery.

However, there are instances where there are issues, and something goes wrong. The patient’s eye has suffered damage and the patient is having difficulty with their sight. At this point, the question is if the problem is a result of medical malpractice? A medical malpractice attorney can make that determination and advise you on what your legal options are.

Standard of Care

All medical professionals are required to meet a certain standard of care. The provider must have the degree of skill, care, and expertise that other providers with a similar background and experience would display under similar circumstances. Although the accepted standard of care may vary from state to state, they all have the same legal definition when it comes to protecting patients and providers should something go wrong during a medical procedure.

This standard of care applies to all medical providers, including eye doctors who perform surgeries for cataracts. For example, maybe the surgeon failed to place the artificial lens in the right place, and this injured another area of the eye. The negligence could also be a result of another part of the surgical team, as well. An example of this would be too much or not enough anesthesia administered by the anesthesiologist.

If a medical malpractice attorney can prove negligence, then the victim may be awarded financial compensation for the damages the malpractice has caused. The attorney will investigate the case to determine why the patient suffered damage in what should have been a routine surgical procedure.

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If you have suffered damage from routine cataract surgery and you suspect the injury was due to negligence on the part of one of the medical providers who treated you medical mistake lawyers in Baltimore MD, at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. know more information.