Can Wasabi Restore Your Hair?

Wasabi with Hair Growth

Over the years, there have been many wild and wacky hair loss solutions that have been promoted to the public as the “latest and greatest” way to restore hair on the scalp. One Japanese company is now promoting a hair loss cure that can definitely be classified in the “wild and wacky” category.

Kinin, a Japanese wasabi company, now claims that the chemicals in wasabi can help to stimulate hair growth in patients up to three times faster than traditional medical solutions such as minoxidil (Rogaine).

The scientific minds at Kinin say that isosaponarin, which is a natural chemical that is found in wasabi plant leaves, helps to stimulate hair growth. The company also says that the wasabi used to treat hair loss has to be ground from a fresh wasabi plant stem instead of being made from any processed wasabi easily found in restaurant packets. The research team that discovered the connection between wasabi and hair growth say the isosaponarin in the leaves of wasabi plants works to awakens papilla cells in the scalp. They say it also stimulates the development of proteins that help to create pathways that allow nutrients to travel to the papilla cells.

Before you get too excited and decide to order some wasabi tonight, Kinin says that the wasabi has to come into contact with your scalp. In other words, eating wasabi on a daily basis will not cause your hair to start growing again.

The other important thing to remember when it comes to wasabi and hair growth? There is no scientific evidence to back the claims made by Kinin. You can certainly spend your money and try to reverse your hair loss by following the wasabi cure. Or….You can also schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified and experienced hair transplant surgeon at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration. An experienced doctor will conduct a thorough medical examination of your scalp in order to determine the best option, wasabi or not, to treat your hair loss.