Can Dry Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

Dry Shampoo Hair LossHave you ever tried dry shampoo? It’s a hair styling product known for its ability to clean hair without having to use water. While this might seem like an easy and convenient way to clean your hair, one woman in Ireland is claiming that dry shampoo caused her to go bald.

Nicole Baxter is 21-years-old and a regular consumer of Batiste dry shampoo. Baxter says that the product caused her scalp to become flaky and itchy at first and that continued use of the product made her scalp blister. She also claims that she has been diagnosed with triangular alopecia. Baxter went on her Facebook page to share what had happened to her as well as warn others to wash their hair with normal shampoo.

However, some skin specialists say that her diagnosis is incorrect and that the use of dry shampoo is not a danger for the majority of consumers. One dermatologist from Melbourne went on to say that the condition could not be triangular alopecia since that is a disorder commonly seen in childhood. He went on to say that the condition is not known for sores or flakes on the scalp such as the ones suffered by Baxter.

Other theories about the cause of the baldness include a possible allergy to an ingredient in the dry shampoo or a reaction to any possible hair dye used by Baxter. Hair dye is often cited as being able to cause contact allergies in people using the dye.

If there is a moral to be taken from this story, it’s to make sure products don’t contain any ingredients that you are allergic to now or in the past. If you’re not sure if dry shampoo is right for you, contact an experienced doctor for further information and advice.