Can a Baseball Cap Help Female Hair Loss?

Laser Cap Used for Hair LossEven though hair loss is mostly thought of as a condition that mainly happens to men, there are a number of women who also suffer from hair loss. Many women are embarrassed to discuss their hair loss in public so they don’t seek professional help. However, there is now a hair loss treatment that women can use by simply wearing a baseball cap.

The LaserCap LCPRO is a baseball cap that is operated by batteries and includes a special disc inside the dome of the cap. Once the switch is turned on to activate the LaserCap, 200 pulsed lights go to work on stimulating scalp hair growth. The pulsed light is a low level laser light that stimulates what is known as the “energy factory” of the cell as it passes through the scalp. In turn, this stimulating action brings about an atmosphere that is rich in oxygen and energy to help stimulate the hair follicles.

One of the most convenient aspects of the LaserCap LCPRO treatment process is that it doesn’t require a number of trips to the doctor’s office. The patient can take the LaserCap LCPRO home and use it for treatment multiple times during the week. The number of times the cap needs to be used in the comfort of the patient’s own home is determined by the doctor as the needs of each patient are different. However, wearing the cap is normally recommended at least three times per week in 15-minutes intervals.

While the LaserCap LCPRO has been on the market for more than five years, it has only recently received approval from the FDA as a product that can be used to stimulate hair growth. While it’s too soon to tell the long term effectiveness of the LaserCap LCPRO or other laser caps currently on the market. However, it does offer female patients another way to combat hair loss beyond Minoxidil, also known as Rogaine, which is currently the only medication approved by the FDA to combat female pattern baldness.

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration currently offers a special Laser Cap with 224 individual 650nm 5MW lasers. This Laser Cap is used to treat thinning hair in many patients without other medical or surgical options. Please contact our office if you would like more information.