Beverlywood Hair Transplant

As one of Los Angeles’ safest, coziest niches, Beverlywood stands out. This is something of a paradox for the place because if you do not live here, there is a good chance you are not even aware of its existence. It has been overshadowed—almost literally—by its more famous neighbor to the north (Beverly Hills). This is by design, and Beverlywood’s residents are quite content with the situation. In 1940, it struck out on its own from Beverly Hills, and today it stands as a series of quiet, tree-lined streets that resists development in favor of peaceful evenings beneath the stars.

None of this is to imply that we never see patients from Beverlywood. A quick trip outside of their comfort zone is totally worth it for the successful procedures we undertake on a daily basis. Indeed, they find our office atmosphere to be quite relaxed. Many of our patients even drift off to sleep during a Beverlywood hair transplant. Like Beverlywood, we are well aware of the benefits of tranquility (although when it comes to that other part about resisting development, we must agree to disagree).

Never Too Far From The Action

Because Beverlywood is so near to so many fun things to do, it is never difficult to find entertainment when the craving strikes. That quick trip to Beverly Hills we mentioned brings with some of the finest shopping and dining in Los Angeles. There is no shortage of outdoor activities near Beverlywood either. Camps, recreation centers, and parks are never out of range. And because it is Los Angeles, movie and music venues are always easy to find. Residential patients have also confided in us about what is likely the best coffee in all LA, right in the heart of Beverlywood. With just a little detective work we are certain you will find the café in question.

In continuance with the neighborhood’s “easy does it” reputation, you will have no trouble finding an art gallery or a museum to browse. Exhibits range from the classical to the modern. Multi-cultured voices abound, as do the mediums in which they are expressed. Sculptures, paintings, music, literature, and photography are but the beginnings of what you will discover. For a workout, that is a bit more strenuous, pay a visit to one of the area’s multiple gymnasiums, or take in a round of golf. It is all right here, or right nearby, in Beverlywood.


Stress-Free Hair Transplant Treatment For Every Patient

During an initial consultation, we find out everything we need to know to get started. We will ask questions about your health history, family history of hair loss, what your expectations for the transplant surgery are, and so on. Then we will perform a microscopic scalp exam that will reveal just how healthy your hair follicles are. It will also give us a pretty good idea of how much more hair loss is going to occur should you decide to forgo surgery.

Our two main methods of treatment are the follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction. Of the two, FUE is more modern, and more widely used. We even perform FUE using some techniques developed right here at our own clinic, like the Celebrity Hair Transplant and the Power Hairline.


Is It Far To Your Office?

It is not far at all from Beverlywood to our clinic in Beverly Hills. In fact, Beverlywood was once a part of our neighborhood. The drive is less than two miles North, via South Beverly Drive and South Crescent Drive. You will find us at 9735 Wilshire Boulevard, Penthouse Suite.

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is your one-stop place for a professional hair transplant. Call our office today via (888) 302-8747 for more information.