Should You Bet on Prince William to Get a Hair Transplant?

The Duke of Cambridge’s hair (or lack thereof) has been in the spotlight for quite a while ever since his brother, Harry, started publicly teasing him over his receding hairline years ago. Recently, Prince William has seemed to embrace his hair loss, appearing in the tabloids for changing his hair style to what some would call, “a dramatic buzz cut.” Even Saturday Night Live has now gotten in on fun, making fun of his new haircut in a recent episode:

Placing Bets on William’s Hair

The million dollar question, “Will William keep his hair like this?” His new haircut has gotten so much attention from the media from his new haircut, that British oddsmakers are taking action on what William’s haircut will be by the time Harry gets married on May 19, 2018. The odds of him getting a hair transplant, according to a recent article, are 6-1. Before you go ahead and place your bets, here’s what you need to know:

Type of Hair Loss

Prince William has Class VI baldness in the Norwood classification of baldness. Class VI is considered one of the advanced stages of hair loss, in which patients lose hair on the front, top, and crown area; only keeping hair on the back and sides of the scalp.​ The only permanent solution to this advanced stage of hair loss would be for him to get a hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Results Timeline

If Prince William decided to get a hair transplant today, that would give him a little under 4 months until the wedding to start seeing results. Typically, patients see results from hair transplants in 4-6 months, which is really cutting it close if he expects good results by the time of the wedding. He definitely won’t get the full benefit by the time of the wedding if he choses to opt for a hair transplant, considering the best results from a hair transplant are typically seen around 10-12 months.

Other Options

If he decides to stick with the shaved look, he might benefit from an SMP procedure, where dermal pigments are used on the superficial layers of scalp that resemble hair stubble. This procedure can offer the appearance of full head of hair in patients who plan to keep their head shaved. Results from this procedure are almost immediate, which would make this a safer option for William if he wants to show results in time for the wedding. ​English Bookie William Hill is offering 1-2 odds on the current closely cropped style, and 6-4 on a totally shaved head.