Ashton Kutcher’s Hair Loss Journey

On an episode of Conan just a few weeks ago, Ashton Kutcher confessed that he is experiencing hair loss. Not only that, but also that he has been experiencing it since he was 25 years old. This may come as a shock to some, considering his good looks and success in an industry that centers around youth and appearance.

Here is the video:

Kutcher explained that he took a medication in order to stop his hair loss. However, he stopped taking it because of how it affects hormone levels. He did not want this change in hormone levels to affect his desire to have kids in the future.

First, he did not explain how the doctor diagnosed that he is losing hair. This is a crucial component to determining if the individual is a good candidate for the medication. The hairline he has is age appropriate for a young male Caucasian and therefore, he may have done a microscopic evaluation to check hair miniaturization which can conclude that hair loss was occurring.

It is reported that 60% of Caucasian men experience some degrees of hair loss by the age of 50 that require treatment. So, we suppose it’s not a complete surprise that Kutcher experiences this too. Medications are one of the solutions to hair loss that so many men experience. But, what happens if these individuals decide to discontinue the medication? When you stop taking the medication, hair loss does resume.

So, you may be wondering if there are other medication options for Kutcher. There is only one medicine that is the best FDA approved hair loss medication. However, the only treatment that can give patients permanent hair in balding areas has not yet been approved by the FDA for hair loss.

I don’t believe that taking these medications would affect hair transplant results in the future. In fact, I encourage patients to use those medications to maintain the rest of their hair or to avoid shock loss. So, Kutcher could potentially have an alternate solution to hair loss that doesn’t necessarily require the use of medications but could be enhanced by the use of medication.

But for now, it sounds like he is just going with the flow and putting on a baseball hat every once in a while.

It’s easy to agree that it is nice to see celebrities beginning to vocalize their experiences with this very common problem of hair loss that most men endure at some point in their lifetime. Often, celebrities are de-humanized and viewed as “perfect” images in which we may set unrealistic expectations and goals to be like them. Celebrities are humans too and have experienced some very normal changes just like anyone else.

We look forward to more celebrities and public figures starting to talk about their hair loss solutions such as hair restorations and how people have restored their entire head of hair using modern hair restoration.