Are Celebrities Still Stars Without Their Hair?

  • Before-Justin Timberlake
    After-Justin Timberlake
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In Hollywood, a healthy head of hair can often make the difference between being a successful leading man and being the sidekick/the guy that helps the successful leading man.

George Clooney was known as much for his hairstyle as his acting skills on “ER”. Johnny Depp would not have been a convincing Captain Jack Sparrow without his long locks of hair in his famous pirate role.

There are so many celebrities that are famous for their hair that we can’t help but wonder what they would look like with their famous locks of hair?

  • Would Chris Hemsworth be “Thor” or a “bore” without hair?
  • Would Christian Bale be a better Batman if the mask hides his bald spot?
  • Would Justin Timberlake be “NSYNC” with audiences if he suffered from hair loss?
  • Would Leonardo DiCaprio be a “Wall Street Wolf” with patchy hair?
  • Would Brad Pitt be a “hit or a miss” as a movie star if he had a bald spot?
  • Would Jason Momoa be the “King of the Seas” without his signature long hair?

While the celebrities listed above don’t have to currently worry about hair loss in their lives, we decided to see what the biggest stars in the world look like without hair. You can view the latest results of our “hair today, gone tomorrow” experiment in our celebrity hair photo gallery. The biggest names in the entertainment world have been transformed from “hairy hunks” to “patchy people”.

While these photos are for fun, it is interesting to see the difference in the appearance of these superstars without their famous hairstyles. Do you have a new view of them after seeing the changes in their looks?

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