A New Hairdo for the “Hairless Heir”

Prince William BaldingPrince William, AKA the “hairless heir”, has recently embraced the thinning top of his head by getting a new haircut that is being referred to as a “dad cut”. His new hairstyle is marked by a much shorter and buzzed look on top while being closely cut on the sides. This new hairstyle follows closely behind his wife, Kate Middleton, who recently cut off about 6-inches of hair and is now sporting a “lob” hairstyle that is being called a “mom cut”.

William’s hair has long been the butt of jokes among watchers of the royal family. In fact, other members of the royal family such as Prince Harry and Prince Charles have also made jokes at the expense of Prince William. Harry has often remarked on how much better William was in school and that he also leads the brothers in baldness.

William has been lucky in that the reaction to his new hairdo on social media has generally been positive. Many royal watchers are happy that he is embracing his natural look and think his hair looks better without “flying little wispy hairs all over”. A few people have even commented on how handsome the new hairstyle makes William look in public.

Thankfully, the heir to the throne has shown that he knows how to take a joke when it comes to the lack of hair on his head. He even remarked on how happy he was at the amount of hair on the head of Prince George when he was born. He stated that the newborn “got way more hair than me, thank God!”

It’s certainly understandable that Prince William decided to go with a new look. Between two kids at home and his royal duties, he has a few more important things on his mind than taking care of his hair.