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Haven’t gotten started on your New Year’s resolution to change your appearance and find your confidence? Join us for our open house on Saturday, March 24th from 3pm-5pm at our hair restoration facility in Encino to finally put your resolution into action. We welcome you to view the facilities as well as meet Dr. Mohebi. […]
Thanks so much to the Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons – India for welcoming me to #HairCon2018 with open arms and honoring me with the Golden Peacock Oration! 🙏 It was an amazing opportunity to present the most advanced restoration techniques and discuss where our field is headed in the next decade. I also had […]
Do you have any burning questions about hair transplants? If so, join Dr. Mohebi next week on Reddit, where you can “ask him anything” about hair restoration in real time. When: Wednesday, March 14, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST Where: This is an amazing opportunity for anyone to ask a world-renowned, leading hair transplant surgeon anything […]
In recent headlines, the topic of curing baldness with McDonald’s French fries has been capturing the attention of many. This news is exciting, considering the french fries are cheap, easily accessible, and let’s not forget, delicious! However, we would like to clear up any misconceptions and provide our readers with the truth. Here are the […]
For many years, it was thought that African Americans would not have successful results with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). However, with new techniques, Dr. Mohebi is able to do FUE transplants on African Americans as easily as anyone else. In this case, Dr. Mohebi will perform the treatment on a young African American male with […]
When an individual embarks the gender change journey, the question of how to restore a hairline can be concerning. This is especially true when considering the significant differences in male and female hairline characteristics. Differences Between Male & Female Hair Loss Differences in male and female hairlines include the location from the eyebrow level at […]
For many years, it was believed that African Americans patients could not have a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure. Watch as Dr. Mohebi performs FUE to restore the crown area of an African American patient with the mamba system. Wait until you see the final results of this Follicular Unit Extraction procedure.
The Duke of Cambridge’s hair (or lack thereof) has been in the spotlight for quite a while ever since his brother, Harry, started publicly teasing him over his receding hairline years ago. Recently, Prince William has seemed to embrace his hair loss, appearing in the tabloids for changing his hair style to what some would […]
President Donald Trump’s hair has long been a focus of attention from the general public, as well as a popular topic on our blog. In recent headlines, his hair has been brought to the center of attention once again, thanks to a new book titled, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. The book […]
Watch as one of Dr. Mohebi’s patients shares his hair transplant journey on social media. You can follow his story on instagram @my_hair_journy  
Meet our patient, Dubi. He recently travelled all the way from Israel to our office to have his hair transplant completed by Dr. Mohebi. As part of his experience, he has decided to document and share with everyone his entire hair transplant journey. From arranging Uber rides to office office to post-transplant hair washing (and […]
We have patients who travel a great distance to achieve the hairline of their dreams. Go behind the scenes with Dr. Parsa Mohebi in the surgical center as he performs simultaneous extraction and placement on a patient that traveled 16 hours to see us.
Recently, Dr. Mohebi was honored to lecture and attend the Hair Transplant 360 Cadaver Workshop & FUE Hands-On Workshop in St. Louis. As a Faculty member, he taught new hair transplant doctors the basics of hair restoration surgery and lectured on the artistic aspects of hair line design and donor management. This workshop was hosted […]
Although very common, it is not normal for a man in his early 20s to start losing his hair. At the age of 25, after watching his hairline recede for a few years, our patient, Marc, decided enough was enough. He made the decision to get a hair transplant with Dr. Mohebi to gain confidence […]
Baseball great, Jose Canseco, recently visited us for his 8-month follow-up visit after having a hair transplant. In a previous blog post, we took our readers behind the scenes to show his consultation, surgery, and immediate post-op. Overall, the process for Jose went extremely smoothly without any complications. He received 2088 grafts (mostly on the […]
Baseball great Jose Canseco recently visited us for his 8-month follow-up visit. Watch as Jose describes the positive changes in his appearance, and life, after hair restoration from Dr. Parsa Mohebi.
By the age of 25, Marc had lost enough hair that he wanted to have a hair transplant. Marc walks you through the day of his hair transplant procedure with Dr. Parsa Mohebi and shares reactions from others as his hair restoration results started to become visible to the public.
Sorush underwent robotic hair transplant and tells how more hair equals more confidence.
If you’ve ever had to use minoxidil or other hair loss treatment serums, you know how frustrating it can be to apply the treatment to your scalp. Often times, more of the medication ends up in your hair instead of your scalp, where it is supposed to be applied. Thanks to this new fantastic new […]
Join Dr. Mohebi as he introduces you to a new FUE system called “Mamba” which was invented by Dr. Trivellini from Praguay. Then, go behind the scenes in our procedure room as this revolutionary system is used on a patient with significant thinning in the front of the hairline.
Today’s story shows Dr. Mohebi tackling a beard to scalp hair transplant on a patient with African American Hair. Go behind the scenes as Dr. Mohebi gives this patient the hairline he desires following a previous traditional hair transplant procedure.
Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is very excited to announce that we will be adding Las Vegas to our list of locations! In our mission to offer the best hair loss treatments available, we will be opening a hair transplant facility in the near future servicing the greater Las Vegas area (specifically Henderson and Summerlin areas). […]
The Hydrobrush is a fantastic innovation for delivering minoxidil to the scalp. This method saves medication and delivers the medication more efficiently to the scalp than by simply massaging it into the scalp with your hands. Watch as Dr. Parsa Mohebi explains how to use to properly use the Hydrobrush for applying minoxidil to your […]
What are the challenges involved in transplanting African American hair? Take a trip inside the operating room with Dr. Mohebi as he determines the proper curve and length of a patient’s hair during this educational FUE procedure.
A couple weeks ago, I had the honor of attending the FUE workshop of the International Society of Hair Restoration (ISHRS) as a faculty member in Polanica, Poland. This amazing event hosted many hair transplant surgeons from around the world as faculty and trainees.  The workshops involved many different procedures being done in-person for discussion, comparison, […]
Is making a change in your appearance important, but you’re not sure where to start? If so, join us for our Fall Open House on Saturday, November 4th from 3pm-5pm at our hair restoration facility in Beverly Hills. This is a great opportunity to see our facilities and meet Dr. Mohebi in person. Everyone will […]
I’d love to share with you the story of our patient, Nazie. Her hair restoration journey is one of the most inspiring we’ve had the pleasure of being a part of at our office. After being involved in an accident, Nazie was left without most of her hair and her scalp was badly scarred. She […]
With so many promises of non-surgical hair restoration on the market, how do you know which ones actually work? At Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, we are open to new approaches, but we evaluate all new techniques and materials with a thorough analysis of the peer-reviewed scientific research combined with our experience before we recommend any […]
Nazie shares how Dr. Mohebi restored her hair and her confidence after an accident took away a good amount of her hair.
Hair transplantation has a reputation of being a purely cosmetic procedure. However, the findings from my most recent publication beg to differ. In fact, we have documented evidence that hair transplant could be a viable treatment for scalp psoriasis. A Little About Scalp Psoriasis Psoriasis is a very common skin disease with presentations in various parts of […]
According to the CDC, “each year in the United States, about 2,650 babies are born with a cleft palate and 4,440 babies are born with a cleft lip with or a cleft palate.” The cleft lip is a congenital disorder that results in a physical split or gap in the upper lip. Since the cleft […]
Meet Joe. For him, getting a hair transplant was mainly about achieving peace of mind. Before having the procedure, the thought of his hair line getting worse was always in the back of his mind. We don’t think anyone should ever have to lose sleep thinking about their appearance. Joe’s story is an inspiration to […]
A patient who had a previous hair transplant wants to add density to the front and crown areas. Learn how this is accomplished and how coverage is increased when Dr. Mohebi takes you into out surgical center to watch the procedure.        
Joe shares his first meeting with Dr. Mohebi as well as how comfortable he felt during his surgery.
Last night’s season finale of Game Of Thrones has everyone talking. In this episode, [Spoiler Alert] we find out that one of the main players, Jon Snow, is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. The episode also ends with Jon and the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys, together in bed. This comes to us as […]
To most watching this weekend’s fight, the main story is about mixed martial arts vs. traditional boxing. Here at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, we see a different battle at hand. We see the fight as a battle to answer the question of which is better:  a full head of hair or “bald is beautiful”. Here’s […]
Did you know that hair restoration can be used to cover scars? Take a behind the scenes look with Dr. Mohebi as he takes beard hair to cover up a scar left over from an earlier cleft lift repair procedure. It’s another look at the many things that can be accomplished by hair restoration techniques.
Living in image-conscious Los Angeles, having good hair plays a big part in having a positive self-image. According to the American Hair Loss Association, approximately two-thirds of American men will experience an appreciable degree of hair loss by the age of 35. Fortunately, because of advancements in medicine and technology, treating hair loss has never been easier. […]
Former major league baseball player Jose Canseco contacted Dr. Mohebi about having a hair transplant. Witness Jose’s journey as he learns more about hair restoration and also achieves the hairline of his dreams.
A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Latin American FUE Transplant Workshop in Asuncion, Paraguay, as a faculty member.  The workshop was organized by Dr. Roberto Trivellini, who is one of the innovators in the field of FUE hair transplantation. He is also the inventor of his FUE semi automated machine, […]
Meet Jesse. Like many men, he began to start losing hair in his late-teens. It wasn’t until years later (in his late 20s) that he began to research his options and decided to take action. Making A Change, For Good. Having hair for the rest of his life was a major concern for Jesse. He […]
A large number of people suffering from hair loss think the main cause of the condition is genetics. While genetics does play a part in hair loss, it is not the only reason a person might be suffering from a lack of hair on their scalp. Here are three illnesses that can result in hair […]
Jesse waited until his late 20s before deciding to have a hair transplant. Listen as he tells why he chose Dr. Mohebi over the other doctors he met with during his hair restoration journey.
One of my main goals is to make you look your best with every procedure. One technique growing in popularity is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) or trichopigmentation. Our office is one of the pioneers in using SMP to help patients achieve the appearance of hair on the scalp. Thanks to the latest methods and techniques available […]
It’s been said that hair loss doesn’t discriminate and that it can impact almost anyone. However, a study earlier this year suggests there is one group of people who might be more likely to have some amount of hair loss. Who is this group of people??? According to research published earlier this year in Nature […]
Some people call it football while others call it soccer. No matter the name, soccer is a huge sport in the United Kingdom. It was recently suggested that a link can be made between players heading the soccer ball and premature hair loss. According to UK hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Edward Ball, soccer players head […]
Is making a change in your appearance important to you this summer? If so, join us for our summer Open House on July 29th from 3pm-5pm at our hair restoration facility in Encino. Meet Dr. Mohebi in person and also watch him perform a live hair transplant during the Open House. Don’t worry…You’ll have a […]
I’d like to introduce you to one of my recent patients, Scott. Like many men, Scott started to suffer from male hair loss early in life. Rather than do something about it at that time, Scott let his hair loss progress to the point that he was almost completely bald. His hair loss got to […]
One of the oldest myths about hair loss is that a person loses more hair during the summer. Is this simply a story that has been passed down through the years or is this myth actually a valid fact? And the answer to the question is??? Yes, a person does lose more hair during the […]
Scott tells us why his consultation with Dr. Mohebi was different than with other doctors and he discusses the ease of the procedure.