Toppik vs. SMP to Cover Hair Thinning


Dear Dr. Parsa,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I have a question regarding a purchase I made about the popular hair thickener, Toppik. Based on the reviews and the mini research I did, I find that this product can be used to great advantage to completely fill in the gaps left from thinning hair. As you know I obsess over hair and I want complete coverage. The crown has improved 14 months after surgery though remains still rather unpleasing to me at some times. My only concern with these fibers is that they may weaken the hair shaft and progress hair loss further, faster. Do you have any experience from your customers on this matter? And if so, is it detrimental indeed? As I’ve mentioned before, based on all the reviews I could possibly get my hands on, it is said that this product works wonders, particularly for people, like myself, who have eventual surgery on their minds. I believe it will hold over quite well till the next session. Please feel free to post this on your forum. I trust your excellent judgement on this so sensitive matter.


Left: Magnified View Toppik, Right: Magnified View of SMP

Left: Magnified View Toppik, Right: Magnified View of SMP

It is always good to hear from you. Toppik is a safe product that minimized the contrast between hair and the scalp and makes your hair look thicker. There is no reported effect on weakening the hair shafts from Toppik and I have not seen any negative effect from Toppik on transplanted and native hair.

There is a new procedure that is available to the patients who want to minimize the contrast between hair color and skin tone that introduces dermal pigments into the scalp. The procedure is called Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP.  The procedure can last a few years, then it will need touch ups. It is an ideal procedure for people who need to use Toppik every day, but don’t want to be bothered by the problems involved with every day use of Toppik.