Spraying Saline After Hair Transplant


Hi Dr. Mohebi,

First off I wanted to thank you for the job you did. You and your whole staff are just wonderful and I am very excited to see what will happen in the coming months.

I was looking online and saw that spraying a saline solution on the transplanted area is supposed to promote healing and help the scabs come off easier. I was wondering what was your opinion on that?

I am having some itchiness in the transplanted area. I’m guessing that’s normal. I can keep from scratching but was wondering if there was something I should do about it or will it subside on it’s own.

Thank you,


I am glad you had a good experience with your procedure and our staff during your hair transplant surgery.  Spraying Normal Saline solution to transplanted area is not necessary after a hair transplant surgery.  You need to wash off the scabs with tap water and the shampoo we have provided after your hair transplant.  The reason you need to wash transplanted area is to get rid of the scabbing that may harm the growth of transplanted grafts.

Itchiness for a few days to weeks after hair transplantation is normal in either transplanted or donor area of scalp.  Occasionally the itching after hair transplantation may become more uncomfortable and a prescription of a mild steroid might be required.  I will be in our Los Angeles Hair Transplant office for your follow up appointment. I will examine your transplanted and donor area and will address this issue.  However, please don’t wait till then and contact us if there is any questions or concerns before your next appointment.

In the mean time, have a great week and I look forward to seeing you next time.