L.A. Hair Restoration

For the millions of Americans who suffer from alopecia, or thinning hair, there are seemingly treatments galore. Among them all, the follicular unit extraction hair transplant (FUE) not only holds its own with the success rates of others, but in many instances surpasses them. Indeed, it can be difficult to determine how many Los Angeles residents have undergone the FUE procedure through the simple reason that it works too well to be noticed. That certainly makes its recipients happy. It has also helped to keep Los Angeles looking young, vibrant, and ahead of the curve on modern technology.

Why Get A Hair Transplant In L.A.?

Pattern baldness is almost unanimously viewed as a sign of aging. In truth, the condition can manifest at any time past the age of puberty. About half of all men—and 40 percent of women—will experience thinning hair by age 50. In a city like Los Angeles these can be difficult statistics to face. After all, it is home to globally known districts and neighborhoods such as Beverly Hills and Hollywood. These are places where movie stars live. They are literally surrounded by other stylish, fashionable locales where movies get made. Thus, the city owns a reputation for being photogenic. The same thing goes for its people, many of whom relish the idea of becoming movie stars themselves. Dashing and debonair, elegant and beautiful. The traits of the trade that are almost always made stronger by an amazing head of hair.


What Can I Expect From L.A. FUE Hair Restoration?

Follicular unit extraction is the process of removing individual hair follicles from a donor area and transplanting them to a recipient area. Among the many benefits of this highly advanced form of hair transplant surgery, one can rest assured that:

  • No cutting of the scalp will be done
  • No linear scarring will result
  • The recovery period will be brief
  • The recipient area will grow strong, thick hair

Each follicular unit taken from a patient’s donor area contains about one to four hairs. Our hair clinic technicians remove these “grafts”, prepare them for insertion into the treatment area, then conduct the insertion over and over until the treatment area has enough grafts for sufficient coverage.

Because we don’t actually cut the scalp, no long scars are created, so our patients can be fully confident that even communities smart as the ones in L.A. won’t get suspicious. In fact, once the recovery time has passed, an FUE hair transplant from L.A. FUE Hair Restoration looks 100% natural (because quite frankly, it is).