Is it Possible to Cut and Style Your Hair Post-Hair Transplant? Here’s What You Should Know

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While many people with FUE hair transplants understand how the process works, what happens when you want a haircut? The first thing many people with one of the best hair transplants want to do is run to their hairdresser to get a new cut and style. But there are a few things to note before that can be done.

What to Do the First Month After the Transplant
Around the time of one month post-transplant is when you should start giving your scalp and hair a little more attention. This is when your naturally growing hair will start to show up, making it obvious that you had the procedure. Even though you might want to go out and get your hair cut right away, make sure the healing of your scalp has already been completed. If your scalp hasn’t fully healed, wait a bit before hopping into the hairdresser’s chair.

The Best Styles for You
Whichever style you choose to go with is ultimately up to you. As long as your scalp is healed, you may choose to shave your hair short until it grows back or go for something a bit more voluminous. Choosing a voluminous style will help cover up any donor areas. If you’re struggling to figure out which style works best for your hair transplant, ask your hairdresser for advice.

Styling Your Hair is Possible After the Best Hair Transplant
Before slapping mousse or hair gel onto your head, it’s crucial that you wait three to four weeks post-procedure. If you plan to dry your hair after getting out of the shower, be cautious as your scalp may be sensitive to burning. You won’t have to give up the use of your hair styling tools completely, but test them out in small areas before doing your whole head.

People experiencing hair loss may turn to things like a hair transplant to help them regain their confidence. In fact, about 47% of hair loss sufferers say they’d spend their life savings to have a full head of hair again. Regardless if you worked with the best hair surgeons or got the best hair transplant, it’s important to make sure your scalp has healed before cutting or styling. Let your scalp rest for a little while and know that you’ll one day be able to do everything you’ve wanted to do with your hair. It just takes some time.