Hair Transplant Surgery San Francisco

People of all genders and backgrounds often equate their hair with their self-esteem and level of attractiveness. It’s no surprise, then, that hair thinning, sparseness, or balding can take a toll on how confident you feel. What’s more, that lack of confidence can have a negative impact on personal and professional relationships. In other words, your hair-related conditions might be holding you back in major ways.

If this scenario sounds familiar to you, it might be time to consider the options for hair transplant surgery San Francisco patients trust. Hair transplantation, the procedure of harvesting and relocating hair follicles from one area to restore hair growth in another, may be a viable choice for many patients and in a variety of situations. Whether you’re unable to grow eyebrow or beard hair, want to lower your hairline, or are experiencing male pattern baldness, there may be a procedure that can help you to regain growth and grow your self worth.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Baldness isn’t caused by poor scalp circulation or by wearing a hat too frequently. Aging, family history, and hormonal factors are generally considered to be the main factors in hair loss. Of course, hair loss can also be related to illness, though candidates who experience hair loss as a result of a medical condition typically aren’t good candidates for hair transplant surgery. 

Which Areas Can Be Treated in a Hair Transplant?

Contrary to popular belief, the hair transplant surgery San Francisco residents may receive can be administered to virtually any area of skin. That includes the scalp, of course, but it can also involve the beard area, the eyebrows, and areas normally covered in body hair (like the chest, arms, and pubic areas). Regardless of the location affected, the transplant method — which involved follicular unit extraction — remains essentially the same.

How Can I Learn More About Hair Transplants?

If you want to restore your hair growth and confidence, you’ll want to contact a medical professional specializing in hair transplant surgery San Francisco patients can rely on. At Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, we’ve provided our patients with these life changing procedures for over a decade. To learn about these procedures and to assess whether you might be a candidate for these treatments, please contact us today for further assistance.

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