A Hair Transplant Journey From a Woman’s Perspective

Patient of Dr. Parsa Mohebi who Received 5660 Grafts FUT

I’d love to share with you the story of our patient, Nazie. Her hair restoration journey is one of the most inspiring we’ve had the pleasure of being a part of at our office.

After being involved in an accident, Nazie was left without most of her hair and her scalp was badly scarred. She wasn’t sure if she’d ever be able to grow hair on her head again. She explains how she felt, “I lost hair on a large area of the frontal part of my scalp. I thought my life was over.”

Especially for women, hair loss can be a very touchy subject. In Nazie’s case, her hair loss affected her on a deep level. “Hair loss in women is not discussed as much as men, but it is a real issue.” She continued, “I couldn’t leave house without a hat or scarf and I was becoming more and more depressed.”

Instead of burying her feelings and accepting her current state, Nazie decided to take matters into her own hands and summed up the courage to come into our office for help.

Watch as she explains her experience at our office:

“The regrowth of my hair has increased my confidence and given me a future without the scars. I returned to school, got a good job and I couldn’t be happier.” Nazie is an inspiration for women experiencing hair loss everywhere. She proves that no matter how helpless you may feel, there is hope to regain your appearance with proper help.