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    What best describes your hair loss?

    Hair thinning
    Receding hair line
    Bald spot(s)
    A combination of the above

    Do you have family members that suffer from hair loss?

    Yes, definitely
    No, as far as I am aware
    I am not sure

    What hair loss treatments have you tried?

    Prescription medication
    Natural supplements
    Over the counter medicine
    Shampoo or creams
    Hair procedure

    How has hair loss negatively impacted your life?

    How soon are you looking to get your natural hair back?

    0-3 months
    3-6 months
    6-12 months
    12+ months

    What are your main concerns about hair restoration?

    Will my results look natural?
    Is there any pain?
    What’s the total cost?
    Does it leave a scar?
    Will others be able to tell I’ve had a procedure?

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    Why Get Hair Restoration?

    100% Natural Appearance

    Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration restores self-esteem
    through natural hair with no detectability.

    Lasting Results

    Transplanted hair does not go through the normal
    hair loss process so your new hair grows normally
    without the fear of further hair loss.

    Quick Recovery

    The most advanced hair restoration techniques offer
    outpatient procedures with quick recovery times.
    Patients can return to work as early as the next day.

    Why Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration?


    Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration creates natural results
    that are not detectable from a full head of hair.

    Individual Planning

    We address your unique circumstances and design
    your hair according to your individual needs. Our
    medical team is with you during the entire process.

    Leader in Modern Hair Restoration

    Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration has been at the
    forefront of researched innovation of many new
    hair restoration techniques allowing us to create
    life-changing results for every patient.

    (Actual Patient)

    “The results are great and have improved my confidence.”

    (Actual Patient)

    “I honestly can't imagine being any happier with my hair transplant - plain and simple.”