Celebrities Who Struggle with Hair Loss (And How They Cope)

hair transplant doctorHair loss is an issue for people all over the world, even celebrities. Seeing people in the spotlight struggle and deal with hair loss may help people feel better about losing their own hair. It may even give them a few ideas of what to do to help themselves. 

Brendan Fraser
In recent years, Brendan Fraser revealed his own hair loss. His fans have been used to his luscious locks for years and were completely shocked to learn that he was suffering. When he was in his thirties, he was able to maintain his full head of hair. But once he transitioned into the middle stage of life, his balding head began to come out. 

Common male pattern baldness is responsible for over 95% of hair loss in men. It’s unclear what exactly caused Fraser’s hair loss, but many doctors say that it probably wasn’t caused by male pattern baldness. He was forced to wear many different hair pieces for various film roles which might have contributed to his hair loss. To make himself feel a bit better, the actor decided to work with a hair transplant doctor and give hair plugs a shot.

Sean Connery
When Sean Connery was 17, he began to experience the start of hair loss. His hair started thinning and his hairline started receding. While it’s not uncommon for men to lose their hair at a young age, Connery was in the spotlight and wanted to hide his hair loss. 

Connery decided to opt for a toupee. And while many of them look fake on men, Connery seemed to pull it off pretty well. A big reason why he was able to pull it off so well was that he didn’t go overboard with covering it up. 

John Travolta
Potentially more famous than his role in Grease and Saturday Saturday Night Fever is John Travolta’s beautiful black hair. But after a photo of him at the gym was released online, the internet went crazy after seeing Travolta and his balding head. 

It’s assumed that Travolta wears a hairpiece, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If he does, it’s a great way to make him feel more comfortable. 

If you find yourself dealing with the same issues as Travolta, Connery, and Fraser, there are options to help redeem your confidence. Work with hair transplant doctors to discuss your options regarding hair replacement.