Beard To Scalp Hair Transplant (How Do They Work?)

A beard to scalp hair transplant works much like a regular hair transplant on patients wanting to restore thinning hair or desiring greater hair density on their scalp. Hair is taken from the beard of the patient and is transplanted to the scalp.

Hair follicles are removed individually from the beard and are then transplanted to areas of the scalp lacking in hair, areas with a noticeable scar or areas where the patient has hair but wants more hair density. The results provided by Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration are permanent and we take great care to place the transplanted hair at the same angle and growth pattern as the original hair.

Patients rely on our beard to scalp transplantsBeard to Scalp Hair Transplant for better beard density as well as improved self-confidence thanks to the new appearance of their beard.

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