Enhanced FUE Transplant Efficiency

The art of Follicular Unit Extraction (also known as FUE) Hair Transplants has greatly improved over the past few years.  In fact, FUE transplants have grown to be more popular than the traditional Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) procedure through a strip method.

Why are FUE Transplants so Popular?

Why have FUE transplants grown so much in popularity? It’s mainly thanks to new techniques and devices available for the procedure as well as our greater understanding of the techniques behind, and involved with, FUE hair restoration.

Los Angeles Hair Transplant Center Shows FUE Hair Transplant Patient

Final results from an FUE procedure enjoyed by one of our hair transplant patients.

New Techniques for FUE Graft Harvesting

You might not be aware that FUE hair restoration requires a setup that is completely different from a strip FUT.  The different setup is mostly because of the differences in graft quality as well as any environmental factors that may affect the final growth of those grafts. Our efforts and improvements have considerably increased FUE hair transplant efficiency in the last few years. As a result, many new devices for FUE graft harvesting are available today, including:

  • Manual punches of different sizes that can fit any hair characters
  • Motorized punches that improve speed and efficiency of FUE procedures
  • Automated devices for both extraction and placement of grafts

How is this an Improvement over Older Techniques?

In the not so distant past, ordinary methods of FUE involved various techniques that largely contributed to procedural complications. These older, and less reliable, methods brought about less than desirable results including:

  • Longer out-of-body time for grafts
  • A high rate of transection and injuring of graft
  • Inefficient punching that caused wasted time on transected, capped, buried, or empty grafts
  • A higher chance of hypopigmentation (loss of skin color) in the donor area
  • A longer overall procedure time

Several factors seem to impact the growth of grafts based on initial studies conducted by us as well as other centers. Some of these factors are:

  • Size and the quality of FUE grafts
  • Out-of-body time for grafts
  • Delayed extraction of grafts after being punched

As a result, we’ve tried to resolve the above concerns as much as possible by implementing the following techniques:

  • Using premade incisions before beginning a graft extraction session
  • Improving and diversifying FUE punches in order to match any need and hair type
  • Rigorous comprehensive testing for hair angle, depth, and size of punches
  • Periodic testing during the procedure for angle and direction change in hair
  • Serial graft extraction and placement
  • Minimized manipulation of grafts through advanced extraction methods
  • Recusing the out of body time of grafts through methods such as a “chasing method” – which involves continued extraction after the punching of each follicular unit and simultaneous graft placing


Thanks to the use of the most advanced techniques for FUE transplantation, we have successfully reduced the overall time of FUE transplant procedures, greatly increased the number of grafts that can be harvested per session and also minimized the out-of-body time for each graft. All of these factors have not only improved the quality of our FUE transplants, they’ve also provided an overall smoother experience and recovery time for our patients.