Hair Transplant Repair

Many former patients are reluctant to seek a hair transplant repair procedure because they have had negative experiences from older hair transplants.  However, these candidates are likely to be able to benefit due from more advanced techniques that make their results nearly undetectable.  This is good news for those individuals who received a previous hair transplant procedure using outdated methods like hair plugs or mini and micro grafts, who now need a corrective procedure to improve their appearance.  A repair hair restoration procedure can reduce, or in most situations completely eliminate, the unnatural look that is commonly seen with the older procedures.

Dr. Mohebi uses state of the art techniques to conceal the pluggy look from outdated hair transplants during the course of treatment, Dr. Mohebi will recycle follicular units from the plugs in order to make a more natural looking hairline.

One of the problems seen with some older transplant is a hairline that looks completely straight instead of appearing irregular as is the case with a normal hairline.  A hair transplant repair procedure using follicular grafts can create the appearance of a transitional irregular hairline that does not look pluggy and artificial. Other benefits of a repair procedure are the ability to conceal the large plugs or scars from previous transplants and correct unnatural hair direction, which makes it difficult for former hair loss patients to style their hair the way they want.