Genuine Hair Loss Treatment vs. Online Fallacy


Dear  Dr.Mohebi,

Salam; I would like to introduce myself as a man, 43, engineer with master degree, single and currently living in Iran. As far as I remember my hair has started to shed when I was young, I would say around 18 years old. On that time I visited several dermatologists in Iran they prescribed me with Betametazone to put it on the scalp and I already got shot Vitamin E.

The top of my head became thin and the skin is seen easily. About 10 years ago Finastride and Minoxidil were introduced to the market of Iran. I first used Minoxidil but after 6 months continue using of this over counter drug I didn’t see any significant improvement so I stopped this method. I made a decision and started to take Finastride 1 mg every day, hopefully it was effective and the thin and tiny hair of the crown of my head started to grow hair and got thicker. The problem was about testicles pain, erectile dysfunction and libido decrease. I was scared and stopped taking Propecia.

And add salt to the injury I recently proposed to a woman for marriage and she rejected me for my semi-bald head. I became heartbroken and decided to transplant hair. My friends had such surgery and unanimously tolled me don’t do it; that this method has yet to be successful in Iran. They said that it would not satisfy my expectation.  I’ve studied a lot and have found out the main problem is DHT and there are some elements can be used as a DHT blocker. I would like to restart my hair re-growth regimen as follows:

  1. Taking Magnesium + Zinc Sulphate + Vitamin B6 as natural DHT
    blockers each day.
  2. Messaging scalp with Sesame oil before shower for moisturizing and
    natural anti dandruff.
  3. Washing hair with Nizoral (ketocenazol %2 ).

My hair situation is exactly like Zidane and Agassi as per attached photo. I would be obliged if you would advise me if this method can be effective for regrowth of my hair or tot just drop it. In addition I would be grateful if you would inform me if there’s any new method without surgery for hair restore and growth. Your expertise and opinion is highly appreciated. In advance thank you very much for your understanding and help.

Best regards,


I understand that you have tried everything available to you for your hair restoration. I am sorry that you experienced some adverse effects with the medication you were taking.  As you mentioned in your email, hair loss can affect on many aspects of men’s lives and many people like you try many options to find out what is the best one for them.

Unfortunately, many of the products or methods that are stated in various online sources are not scientifically or medically substantiated. These promised solutions are not real remedies for hair loss and should not be considered as viable treatments for hair restoration.  These items you propose for your regimen: taking Magnesium, Zinc Sulphate and Vitamin B6 have no direct proven effect to stimulate hair growth in men who lose hair as a male patterned baldness. If they did the store shelves worldwide would be bare. Likewise, massaging scalp and anti dandruff products are not among the known treatments for male patterned hair loss.

Washing hair with Nizoral (ketoconazole %2) is one of the few among what you described that is proven for hair loss prevention.  Minoxidil is the other medication that has similar effect on prevention of hair loss in its female or male patterned type.  I think you need to discuss the finasteride and the side effects you have had from using it with a good hair specialist.  In many cases the side effects may be psychogenic and not real.  A good doctor can discover if that is the cause in many cases.

Hair transplantation is still the only permanent, proven and natural looking solution that can restore your hair and eliminate baldness in many people. I know you have heard some controversies about hair transplantation.  However, our experience in Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is different.  I have to say it is a pleasure of mine that we see many life changing results in our hair restoration clinics in California on a day to day basis.  I think you should try to find a good hair transplant surgeon and be assessed before you rule out this solid option in favor of these various remedies that have no known effect on hair loss.

I appreciate your sharing your experience and trust you will find benefit in my response.


Dr. Mohebi