First Few Days After Hair Transplantation


I am planning to have my hair transplantation with you soon and I have a few questions about the few days after hair transplantation.  I’ve been letting my hair grow so that I’ll be able to push it forward to cover the frontal work, but I’m concerned with how much swelling there might be, or if there’s a lot of shock loss, so that the hair I was going to use to conceal, fell out.
How many days is it again that the scabs usually persist? And how long would it be until I could get back into the gym or doing some other kind of exercise?

Also, I have been taking finasteride (1mg) and cutting the tablets into quarters. Is that correct? I haven’t kept up with the scalp massaging though. It was taking so long I was starting to wonder if was going to happen at all. But I could start doing that again now.

Thanks in advance, for your answers!


These are great questions and I will be happy to answer them!

  • Swelling
    Generally speaking, swelling after hair transplant surgery may occur 1-5 days following the procedure. It is usually moderate with certain exceptions which might be more noticeable and involve some area around the eyes as well. Not everyone experiences swelling, but I must always describe the worst case scenario: you may have an elevation (due to fluid) on your forehead which is alleviated by the medication we provide and elevating your head during the first few days after hair transplant.
  • Bruising
    You may have some bruising or discoloration on the transplanted area, forehead, and occasionally around eyes which is even less likely, but necessary to mention. Wearing a baseball cap usually conceals your hair transplant for the following week. I’m sure your existing hair will do an adequate job as well (of course that is only for individuals who have some existing hair to cover the transplanted area).
  • Shock loss
    The medication finasteride, or minoxidil in women, will help to lighten the shock loss (acceleration of the loss of native hair in balding area). Most of those shocked hairs usually go into a temporary resting phase and come back with your new transplanted hair.
  • Scabbing
    The scabs are simply tiny crusts that dry up and flake off within a week.  They are hardly noticeable, and if you wear a cap no one can see anything.
  • limitations in physical activities
    Exercise can be resumed two days following your surgery. Try to keep the blood pressure down (no squats, dead lifts, bent rows, etc) for the first four days after hair transplantation. If you can do some light machine work for a week, that would be best. Try to keep your head elevated/upright. You can do the treadmill or cycle, but just keep the intensity moderate. After 4 days post op, the grafts are pretty much locked in.

Rub your scalp before the hair transplantation. It helps! Your procedure size is rather small so scalp laxity will be a minor issue. However, do the scalp exercises! They are good for the delts also! And yes, you are correct in dividing the finasteride into 1/4’s!