Finasteride Injections for Hair Loss


I have recently learned that Finasteride injected into scalp and or taken orally not only stops hair loss but makes hair growth as well.  What is your opinion on the use of this  medication for female with hereditary pattern hair loss?  Is it safe, is it effective, do you use this method of treatment in your office?Injection of finasteride for hair loss treatment



Finasteride injection is not approved nor recommended for male or female patterned hair loss and we do not recommend it.  Finasteride is prescribed for male patterned baldness in men and also it could be beneficial for women with hair loss secondary to hyperandrogenism (increased levels of male hormones) in women* to prevent or minimize the process of hair loss.  Finasteride (Propecia) is prescribed for typical forms of female patterned baldness without elevation of testosterone levels by some doctors.  However, there is no evidence to support its effectiveness on women with hair loss without elevated testosterone.

* The use of finasteride for women should be under a physician supervision and it is contraindicated in pregnant women.