Finasteride and Hair Transplant

finasteride for hair lossQ:

I started the hair medication finasteride. Will this help stop me losing more hair? I was concerned that if you restored my hairline would I need to do another surgery in years to come if my hair continues to thin and fade behind where the restoration was done? There are many stories on the internet of people that have had multiple surgeries (other doctors) and they are still not satisfied so I just wanted to take the opportunity to gather as much information and ask the appropriate corresponding questions so I can make the most educated decision.


While reviewing your miniaturization study (the microscopic evaluation you had in our office), it indicated that you have some hair loss activity on the top areas of your scalp as well, but it is very minimal. If you continue using medication, your hair loss will range from none to very minimal in the next few years. One hair transplant procedure in combination with medical treatment with Propecia (finasteride) can maintain your look for many years to come.