Finansteride, Minoxidil Or Both

hey doctor!

As I read through forums and articles, people mention that propecia works better in conjunction with something else, such as rogaine for exmaple. At the moment, the vertex area of my scalp seems emptier than than the crown and minoxidil works well with the vertex. Do you recommend me go back on minoxidil for the vertex, or should I just focus on propecia?


I generally prescribe finasteride to most of my patients who have significant miniaturization whether they are getting hair transplants or not. There are several studies on using Rogaine (minoxidil) and Propecia (finasteride) as single therapy and in combination with each other or with other medications.

Comparing minoxidil and finasteride for treatment of male pattern baldness clearly shows that treatment with only finasteride is more effective than treatment with only minoxidil. Combination of finasteride with minoxidil and with some other medications shows improved outcome, but the rate of improvement is not significant enough that I can convince myself to prescribe combination therapy to all my patients for the rest of their lives, considering difficulty of using topical minoxidil (topical spreading of medication twice a day on the balding area of scalp).

If you want to do everything possible to prevent or slow down further hair loss and maybe grow some, you can consider combination therapy, but remember when you start minoxidil you are committed to continue it for the rest of your life or until there are better alternatives.