Do I Have to be on Finasteride in Order to Have a Hair Transplant?


If a hair transplant candidate is not willing or medically able to take Propecia, is that a deal breaker? I have seen some online posts from people who are very adamant that a young guy not willing to take Propecia shouldn’t even consider a transplant. What is your stance on this?


No one should be on finasteride in order to have a hair transplant.  I recommend taking it for at least a few months after a hair transplant to minimize the risk of shock loss.  If that is not possible, I recommend Rogaine for the same purpose.

In regards to Propecia and the age of hair transplant – When patients take Propecia, it takes a lot longer for them to see their final pattern of hair loss.  It does not mean they can change their genetic balding pattern.  Propecia only buys time for patients to slow down the process of patterned baldness.​