Celebrity Hair Transplant

The King of the World Is Also the King of Good Hair

If there’s one actor in Hollywood that consistently has a great head of hair, it’s Leonardo DiCaprio. From his early TV work on “Growing Pains” to his recent award winning work in “The Revenant”, Leo has always looked nothing but his best both on-screen and off-screen at various red carpet events. Leo’s default hairstyle off-camera since the early 2000s has been a slicked-back look. The look involves a lot of pomade and his healthy widow’s peak which has stayed consistent over the years.  The widow’s peak is the growth of hair that is located towards the center of the forehead […]

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Opening Up About Hair Transplants

James Nesbitt Hair Transplant

There was recently an article about Irish actor James Nesbitt (from many projects including The Hobbit movies) and his second hair transplant. It’s interesting for a number of reasons. The first is that Nesbitt is very open about the work he’s had performed on his hairline. It’s refreshing to see a celebrity not trying to hide a hair restoration procedure. The second interesting thing is the various points the article makes about what can be learned about hair transplants by the public. While many people know what a hair transplant is, they are not always aware of what is medically […]

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The “Hair Pulling” Has Started With Trump and Clinton

I’ve discussed the speculation about Donald Trump’s hair situation before. Trump has long been the subject of speculation about his hair. Is it real? It is a wig? Is he the victim of a bad hair transplant many years ago? His hair has been the subject of so much discussion and speculation that he seems to be the last person who would mock the hairstyle of anyone else. Having said all of that, Trump entered “the hair wars” last week by mocking Hillary Clinton’s hairdo. In an interview with syndicated talk show host Mark Levin, Trump commented that seeing Clinton […]

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He Won The Super Bowl, Can He Beat Hair Loss?

Tom Brady Hair Loss

Looking at Tom Brady’s life from the outside, he seems to be living the good life: A successful NFL career Hot supermodel wife Adoring fans There have been a few stumbles along the way (Deflategate anyone?) but overall Brady has been very blessed in his life. One area where Tom becomes more like us mere mortals is his hairline. Maybe that should be phrased “his lack of a hairline”. There has been speculation for years that Tom Brady has been losing his hair and has even undergone a hair transplant.  While neither Tom nor his wife have confirmed this news, […]

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The Basics Behind Biden’s Balding

Months of speculation ended in October of this year as Joe Biden announced he will not run for president in 2016. Biden’s decision to not run ends the question of whether the Democrats would support him or Hillary Clinton next year. However, there is one Joe Biden question that has not been answered: What is wrong with his hair transplant??? Supply and Demand Mismatch of Hair Some time ago, I wrote an article about Joe Biden’s hair transplant and why it was not very well executed. The article was inspired by a conversation with a patient in his 30s who […]

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A Hair Raising Situation for the Donald?

There are two things Donald Trump is best known for these days.  He is currently running for the office of the President of the United States.  He is also well known for his hairstyle.  The Donald’s hair is almost a bigger topic of conversation than anything Trump himself has done in recent memory.  There are many who believe that Donald Trump is the victim of a plug surgery that did not go as planned years ago. The “hair conspiracy” believers think that Trump does not have an adequate donor supply to fix his pluggy hairline and that is why he […]

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What’s So Funny about Going Bald?

In an extreme case of the pot calling the kettle black, comedian Larry David has stated that professional golfer Jordan Spieth is going to be “wildly bald”. Spieth is 22 years old and has already won two major tournaments this year (the Masters and the U.S. Open). David is the co-creator of “Seinfeld” and the creator and star of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.  The two men have a few things in common. Spieth is a professional golfer. David is not only an avid golfer but he is also a big fan of professional golf. Spieth has a rapidly receding hairline. David has […]

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The Mystery of LeBron James’ Changing Hairline

LeBron James is never far from the spotlight.  From being the first overall pick by Cleveland in the 2003 NBA Draft to his move to the Miami Heat (winning two NBA Championships) and his eventual return to Cleveland, James is known for his domination on the court. One way LeBron is gaining attention off the court is the ongoing mystery of his hairline.  There has been speculation in the past year about whether or not James has received a hair transplant. The Battle of Lebron’s Hairline The first, and obvious, difference is how much higher his hairline is in the […]

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