Hair Transplant Patient Guide

Can Cooling Devices Prevent Chemotherapy Hair Loss?

Chemotherapy and Hair Loss

One of the most common side effects from chemotherapy is the loss of hair by patients. However, recent evidence shows that cooling devices might be able to prevent hair loss due to the chemotherapy process. According to two studies recently discussed in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), two scalp cooling devices were shown to prevent alopecia induced by chemotherapy in women suffering from breast cancer. The first study focused on 180 women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer in the first or second stages. The women in the study were randomly assigned to have no cooling treatment at all […]

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Four Questions to Ask Before a Hair Transplant

The decision to undergo a hair transplant is a personal one that should not be entered into lightly. There are a number of questions you should take the time to ask yourself before having the procedure. Here are four questions all patients should ask when considering a hair transplant: Where should I look for more information? The steps involved in having a hair transplant should be completely understood in advance. Doing proper research on the Internet is a good first step in making you a better educated patient. It still doesn’t take the place of consulting with a doctor who […]

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Do Rogaine and Propecia Cause Sexual Side Effects?

Finasteride Sexual Side effects

While Rogaine and Propecia can help reverse the effects of hair loss, many men worry about possible sexual side effects. Some of the issues male patients worry about include a low libido and erectile dysfunction. Is this something men should be worried about or is it simply an urban legend? When it comes to minoxidil (Rogaine), no clear connection has been made between the use of the product and sexual dysfunction. Men that take Rogaine and end up having issues with their libido, or ability to perform, often find another factor is contributing to the problem. Rogaine does have side […]

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FUT at a Glance

While many patients are interested in undergoing a FUT strip hair transplant (follicular unit transplant), they often have more questions than answers about the surgery. Here are some of the questions we are most often asked about FUT: Before and after FUT transplant with 2212 grafts – 6 months elapsed How does it work? FUT is a surgical procedure performed to transplant follicular units of hair into balding scalp areas by removing a strip of skin from the permanent zone. The size of the strip depends on the amount of grafts needed by the surgeon to achieve the desired results. After […]

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FUE At A Glance

One of the most common reasons people hesitate to have follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a lack of knowledge about the surgery. Are you interested in learning more about FUE? Here are a few of the most common questions we get regarding FUE: Before and after FUE transplant with 2014 grafts – 12 months elapsed How does it work? FUE is a surgical procedure that removes individual hair follicles or 1-4 hair follicular units from the donor area. FUE can be performed either manually or by an automated method. The total surgery time varies between patients but FUE normally takes between […]

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How to Prepare for FUT

Once you make the decision to undergo follicular unit transplantation (FUT), the next step is preparing for the procedure. Here are some steps to help you prepare for the procedure: Two Months Before Procedure: Do not cut your hair too short or even shave your head. Allow for 2 months (or more) of hair growth before having FUT to make sure you have a proper length of remaining hair in the donor area to be used to cover the strip area wound. Two To Four Weeks Before Procedure: You will perform a series of scalp exercises to increase the laxity […]

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How Hair Restoration Can Make A Difference In Your Appearance

The loss of hair impacts everyone in a different way. Some people are not bothered by their hair loss while others worry about the changes it will bring about in their personal and professional lives. Marc Richter is not only a patient of ours but he is also an actor in Hollywood. This means he is in a profession that demands a youthful appearance at all times. As shown in the video below, Marc was starting to get more depressed as his hair loss continued to progress. He wasn’t sure what to do about his baldness until he met Dr. […]

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Can The Wind Damage Transplanted Hair?

Wind Damage Hair

Q: Hello Dr. Mohebi, I meant to ask you a question when I was at your office for my one-year appointment but it slipped my mind.  I have to warn you that it’s kind of a weird question. About 6-years ago, when I had my previous hair transplant, it was such a horrible experience that I became quite sensitive regarding any activities that might influence the shedding of more hair.  As a result of this, one activity that affects me psychologically is being out in strong windy conditions.  I’m not as paranoid as I used to be but I try […]

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