Hair Loss Types and Treatments

Can Gene Therapy Help Treat Hair Loss?

The last few years have seen advances in hair loss treatments with even more ideas and innovations being worked on by researchers. One of the treatment options currently being explored is the connection between hair growth, wound repair and gene therapy as well as stem cell therapy. Gene therapy was first developed for the treatment of congenital defects in patients. In recent years, it has become one of the newer options in the treatment of many genetic diseases. We have focused on inducing the gene of growth factors to help heal wounds at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore. […]

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New Study Examines Platelet Rich Plasma Use on Female Hair Loss Patients

The use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) has long been suggested as a possible treatment for hair loss and a potential source of hair growth. A recent study was conducted to study the effect of PRP scalp injections on women currently suffering from female androgenetic alopecia. The study was a double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted at multiple centers and compared the effects of scalp injections of PRP against a saline placebo. The endpoints used during the study were hair mass index and hair count as well as patient opinion survey responses. The PRP used in the study was manufactured from the […]

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Hair Transplant at a Glance

In general, both male patterned baldness and female patterned baldness start once the hair shafts begin to thin due to a process known as hair miniaturization. This process causes the majority of the hair to become invisible with the loss obvious to others. After this happens, the next best step is to schedule a consultation appointment with a doctor to discuss a hair transplant. How Does It Work? A hair transplant is when hair follicles are harvested in their naturally occurring units of 1-4 hair follicles. They are taken from donor areas on the body that typically do not see […]

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How Men with Hair Loss Are Perceived By Others

Dr. Bruce Reith of Germany

Thousands of hair transplants are performed each year on men all over the word. The reasons people have transplants are varied but one of the main reasons patients undergo hair restoration is to try and look younger and more attractive to others. Many people associate being bald with a lack of youth as well as being less successful in business and social situations. A 2015 study was conducted by Dr. Bruce Reith of Germany, a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, to determine if hair transplants are a significant factor in influencing the perception others have regarding […]

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Can Companies Be Held Responsible For Hair Care Damages?

Hair Loss Damage

The consumer market for cosmetic products is a crowded one with over $50-billion dollars in sales on an annual basis. Numerous products compete each year to be the brand of choice for consumers. However, there is a gray area when it comes to the regulation of cosmetics. According to Democratic Representative Frank Pallone Jr. of New Jersey, consumers “don’t realize there is effectively no regulation of cosmetics.” Pallone, along with some of his political colleagues, is attempting to strengthen a law from 1938 that was passed to regulate the pharmaceutical industry but essentially left the cosmetics industry unregulated. One of […]

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Do I need Scalp Micropigmentation

Hello, Dr. Mohebi, I had a hair transplant consultation with you a few weeks ago in Beverly Hills and was impressed with your approach and dedication to restoring hairlines. I feel fairly certain that I will come to you when I finally decide to go through with a hair transplant this winter as I want to wait until after the summer heat and summer travel. In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about doing scalp micro-pigmentation because I figure it would help now and after the transplant as well. I have some questions about scalp micro-pigmentation for you: Q: Should I get SMP […]

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Hair Loss in Swimmers

Hair loss for swimmers

Q: Dear Dr. Mohebi, I’ve been watching the Olympics and have really been enjoying the female swimming competition. The ladies spend so much time in the pool that I was curious if it can damage their hair. Can swimming in a chlorine pool make you go bald? A: This a very timely and interesting question! In general, a good number of women have a naturally receded hairline or foreheads that tend to be higher than normal.  Why? As the years have passed, women with male hormones or some elevated androgen often develop a recessive hairline that is similar to adult […]

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Can Cold Winter Weather Cause Hair Loss?

Hair Loss and Cold Weather

Hair loss is determined by a number of factors including genetics, stress and the overall health of the patient. One aspect of hair loss that has been discussed over the years is whether or not the time of year can cause greater hair loss to happen to a person. The cold of winter is one time of year that is heavily suspected of causing larger amounts of hair loss. Can cold winter weather cause the hair to fall like snowflakes? Does the need to wear caps to shield the scalp from the cold have an influence on the amount of […]

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