Anavar for Body Building and Hair Loss


Good Afternoon Dr. Mohebi,

My body trainer recently recommended that I go on a medication for body building purposes.  The medication that I am planning on taking is ANAVAR (an anabolic steroid), so I just wanted run it by you to make sure it would be OK to take it along with the Propecia I am currently taking.

I appreciate all you help, Thanks!

anavar and finasteride for men with hair lossA:

Anavar (oxandrolone) is a weak androgen and is considered an anabolic steroid.  It is indicated as adjunctive therapy to enhance weight gain after weight loss due to an extensive surgery, infectious disease, trauma and so on.  Anavar has also been prescribed to some patients who for no reason fail to gain weight despite of proper nutrition and work out schedules.   It may also be used to maintain normal weight or to prevent the catabolism due to prolonged administration of corticosteroids.

There have been some online reports of hair loss with Anavar’s use and some exaggerated hair loss reports in patients who take both Propecia (finasteride) and Anavar (oxandrolone) in conjunction. Although my personal searches in medical publications have never revealed any studies supporting this information, reports can be found online by its claimed users.

My general recommendation is, unless there is a strong medical indication for its use, those people with any evidence of male patterned baldness should stay away from anabolic steroids.  Although you may find some anabolic steroids over the counter, your family doctor should always be involved and aware of any anabolic steroids that you take as part of your body enhancing plan.